Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Seven Tips for Flying on an Airplane

Everyone needs to get away every now and again. And sometimes this requires flying. So I am going to provide some tips for flying to make your next experience smooth and hassle-free.

1.Make sure when you are checking rates you check all the airports in the area for example some cities have two airports. Or if your in a small town such as York Pa you could fly out of Harrisburg or Baltimore etc.

2.When packing make sure to put your lotion and such in bags. If it luggage gets smashed at least the lotion won't end up all over your garments.

3.Get to your destination a day early for important events. Not only with this insure you are well rested for the event but it will also insure that you will be there. You don't really want to miss your siblings wedding. Trust me I know I missed a funeral this way when the plane I was on was delayed and I missed my connecting flight. A very sad affair.

4.If you decide to take a nap make sure you put your seat-belt over your blanket or you will have flight attendants waking you during mid-flight to make sure your seat-belt is on when the seat-belt sign comes on.

5.Make sure you take reading material along. If is an awful long flight if you have nothing to do. You may even want to pick up the latest travel memoir.

6.Don't leave old tags on your suitcases. You don't want to cause confusion of where your luggage is to be going. You could end up with your luggage in another state.

7.Chew gum or suck on mints to prevent your ears from popping due to cabin pressure.

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The above image of the purple airplane logo was developed by the CDA(Chicago Department of Aviation) This label can be downloaded and printed on to 2.5 inch  sticker circles. This symbol indicates people who have disabilities and require assistance. Chicago airports receive training in recognizing the symbol in order to help passengers.

Have fun and be Safe!

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