Monday, January 4, 2010

Pennsylvania Dutch Cookie Coffee

One day when I was out and about I decided to stop at Intercourse Canning Company a place where many visitors like to head to get PA Dutch canned goods.  When I walked in a looked over to the right and saw a big row of coffee.  Being the big coffee drinker I am I headed right over there.  There was so much to choose from I had a hard time deciding.  So I decided to narow it down to four and then I would choose two.  I narrowed it down to Pennsylvania Dutch Cookie, German Chocolate Cake, Kahlua n Cream, and Rainforest. So from there I decide I would go home with the Pennsylvania Dutch Cookie and Rainforest. I had the guy at the store grind one bag for me and the other I decided I would grind myself.

I headed home with my prized coffees. I quickly open the package of the PA Dutch Cookie coffee and thew some of the aromatic beans into my grinder.  While it was brewing the whole house smelled of PA Dutch sugar cookies.  I was so excited I could hardly wait.  Once it was finished brewing I poured a cup of this dark delight.  A little creamer and sugar and I was good to go.  I took the first sip and I was delighted.  To me it tasted like those Pa Dutch sugar cakes we make around here.  It had the flavors of vanilla with a hint of cinnamon.  I would purchase it again in the future. They have a special where when you buy so many bags of coffee you get one free.