Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Day in York City Pennsylvania

Thursday I went in to York city for a bite to eat and what a fantastic day I had. First I stopped off at J.r.s Fresh Cut French Fries in Central Market House for a shrimp combo. The shrimp combo includes fries and a drink all for 7.50! The shrimp was good, and of course the fries were good as always. If you have never tried J.R.s you really should. It's a very inexpensive and tasty meal. Not to mention the people are very friendly.

Then I strolled on over to see Sarah at Nuts About Granola. She is also located in the market. I got the greatest Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola, it's called Lover's Combo. If you haven't tried the granola, it is highly recommended. Sarah's granola is so good her granola was actually featured on Rachel Ray. That's right Rachel Ray, I guess that puts Sarah like in Celebrity status. I will be visiting Sarah quite frequently I think, because now I am officially hooked on her granola.

Then I headed over to the  York book emporium to meet with Jim Lewin and find out about his bookstore. We sat and had coffee and talked about the store and it's history and the types of things the emporium carries. Jim keeps free coffee available for the customers, which I think is a nice added touch. Then Jim gave me a grand tour. After I talked to Jim I set off on my own in the bookstore.  It's the first time I was ever in there. It was huge, I thought I was going to have to stick up a flag for him to come find me. If your like me and you love books, then you will love this bookstore. This is not your typical used bookstore, nor any bookstore for that matter.The York book emporium offers everything from antiques to old military items, collectibles, music, you name its there. I was in there singing and dancing to the music that was playing. No not in my head I mean literally.  Who knew you could have so much fun in a bookstore. Oh and did I mention it is very affordable? Yes again Jim put's the big internet gurus to shame.  This is my new favorite bookstore!

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