Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Book Review - Custard's Last Stand

Custard's Last Stand (A Pennsylvania Dutch Mysteries with Recipes)

Custard's Last Stand is a PA Dutch Mystery written by Tamar Myers. Custard's Last Stand is a humorous murder mystery.  It is number eleven in the Pennsylvania Dutch mystery series. The Price is $5.99 for paperback. Each book in the series contains recipes.  This particular book contains recipes named after, you guessed it, Colonel Custard.

Custard's Last Stand is about a character Colonel George Custard who comes to the little town of Hernia, PA to stay at the inn Penn Dutch while conducting business. The Penn Dutch is run by Magdalena Yoder a Mennonite woman. Colonel Custard thinks that the little town of Hernia could use a five star mega hotel.  But the folks of Hernia are not too keen on the idea.

Colonel Custard then turns up dead, found shot to death in the inn.  An all out investigation is underway when Magdalena takes matters in to her own hands to figure out who shot the Colonel in her inn. She certainly can't rely on the bumbling idiot town police chief Melvin Stoltzfus, her brother-in-law.

Custard's Last Stand will keep you laughing with Magdalena's sharp witted humor and her feisty Amish Cook Freni Hostetler's antics. 

I found this book to be a light-hearted quick read. To see more about this book or other books in the series visit :

Custard's Last Stand (A Pennsylvania Dutch Mysteries with Recipes)

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