Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Business to Business Bartering in PA Dutch Country

Why Join a Barter Exchange?

Top Five Reasons:

1.) Improve Cash Flow Sometimes as businesses we have excess or slow moving inventory. Now, we have modern barter that turns those unused products and unfilled time into much needed goods and services. Unless your billing %100 of your time or have every table/hotel room filled, and products flying off the shelves then barter is for you.

2.) Helps Support Local Businesses and the Community When we barter with the businesses around us, we are in essence strengthening our community and developing relationships. We are providing opportunities to keep small businesses alive and well.

3.) Save Cash for Things You Really Need Let's admit it, Our economy is not always thriving. When we trade and barter for goods and services we need. We can store up our cash reserves for things that we might not able to barter such as electric or rent.

4.) Brings in New Business Statistics show that when you barter 95% of barter comes from new customers. That means, customers you didn't have. And now, your competitors don't have! Plus, the word of mouth that is getting out there about your business will attract even more customers.

5.) Its Recession Proof!

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